Colour Coach is a unique group of systems that are part of the “Awareness Medicine”. It tests people, animals, buildings and companies.

The Aura/Chacra Coach offers practitioners the tool to analyze and harmonise clients in the 7 areas that are important for body and mind; the chakras. This unique system is able to determine the energy situation, treat it immediately and support it in the long term by means of home treatment with colour light.

Unique: an energetic test method.
a trained therapist can determine with a bio-tensor, pendulum or kinesiology whether there are differences in the radiated energy of the chakras. These methods remain subjective and highly dependent on the practitioner’s knowledge, skills and current state of mind.

he Aura/Chacra Coach is a system for objectively determining the status of the chakras using colour light. The body is exposed to the seven colours of the chakras via the meridian system and at the same time the reaction of the body is tested and recorded in the computer for each chakra. After a few minutes you can see the exact energy ratio between the chakras.

The instructions, which come out of a scan in normal language, will amaze you!

If you are interested, look around on this website and test the system for a month.