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The Tweaklite’s in this webshop are specifically designed for home use and are safe and can also be used for children.
A treatment manual is sent with every Tweaklite.

If you have long-term physical or mental health problems, contact a professional therapist.
Look here for the therapy program.


Arrive fit at your destination. This Tweaklite instantly adjusts your body clock to the rhythm of the time of destination.

Jet lag application based on pulsed light. Use only once per flight for 5 minutes.

For the whole family

price/pcs: € 295,00

Chakra Light

7  Chakra colours + white.

During treatment, any colour can be applied to a point or zone for up to 15 minutes.

price/pcs: € 295,00

18 fixed colours

During treatment, any colour can be applied to a point or zone for up to 15 minutes.
The fixed colours of the sunlight spectrum Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
In addition, often used colours in light based psychotherapy:
White, Magenta, Gold, Silver, Lavender, Olive-green, Pink, Turquoise, Orange-red, Yellow-green and Orange-yellow.

price/pcs: € 295,00

Pets & small animals

Tweaklite with the Chakra colours for pets an small animals.
Suitable for small pets
and horses.

price/pcs: € 295,00

Stress release horse

Stress release for horsed with pulsed colour light

price/pcs: € 295,00

Stage fear

Reduces stress during presentations, exams and performances.

price/pcs: € 295,00

Beautiful breast

Enhances breast tissue based on Chinese medicine.

price/pcs: € 295,00

Sexual vitality man

Lack of sexual vitality of the man.

price/pcs: € 295,00

Rescue for anxiety & Shock

Relief in case of panic, fear, accident or completely unexpected situations.

Composed witht he original Bach colours

price/pcs: € 295,00

Sporters support

For acute symptoms due to excessive physical exercise or injury.
For persistent complaints caused by lymph, blood or fluid stagnation, acute and chronic injuries such as bruises, sprains, strains and fractures.
Also for instant vitality

price/pcs: € 295,00


Insomnia is mainly related to prolonged sleep disturbances, sleeplessness, sleep and sleep problems, restless sleep caused by dreams and nightmares, anxiety, major worries and/or chronic stress.

price/pcs: € 295,00


Immediate tress relief in only 5 minutes

  • coping with fears and thoughts circles
  • Obtaining inner peace and relaxation
  • grounding and letting go
  • better self-confidence
  • a sense of well-being
  • better sleep
  • support for meditation.

price/pcs: € 295,00


Inclusive delivery € 10,00. VAT 21%.

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