Terms & conditions

  1. General
    1.1 These conditions are part of all by ThalaTrading offers made and all through ThalaTrading conclude contracts. The applicability of any purchase and / or other conditions of the buyer and / or participant (the “Participant”) is expressly excluded by ThalaTrading. In case of invalidity of one or more provisions of these terms, the remaining provisions shall be enforced.
    1.2 Additions, modifications and / or further agreements are effective only if they are made in writing.
  2. Offers
    All offers are without obligation, except to the extent otherwise stated in writing by ThalaTrading. Changes in the range and composition of products reserved
  3. Products and Software
    3.1 ThalaTrading provides equipment for the application of color light at locations on the body of a client.
    3.2 ThalaTrading  also delivers composite digital software sequences further here called “programs” or “Tweaks”.
  4. Warranty
    4.1 The warranty on the ThalaTrading is two years after delivery.
    4.2 Excluded from warranty is the rechargeable battery
  5. Returns
    5.1The Participant is entitled to return the purchase of equipment within 7 days of receipt.
    5.2 The full purchase price will be refunded. This regulation does not apply to software protocols (Tweaks).
  6. Prices
    Future price changes. The agreement is entered into on the basis of the prices ThalaTrading uses at the time of the conclusion of this agreement. Current pricing information is published on the website of ThalaTrading.
  7. Delivery
    Unless otherwise expressly agreed, delivery will always take place “ex ThalaTrading”, unless otherwise agreed, the products travel at the expense and risk of the participant. The delivery time is specified by ThalaTrading in good faith, but is never binding and applies to ThalaTrading not a deadline. If no delivery time is agreed, ThalaTrading must deliver the goods within a reasonable time.
  8. Payment
    All products are ordered via the ThalaTrading BV. Payment must be made when ordering. If delivery takes place on the basis of billing payment 15 days after the invoice date.
  9. Advertising & limitation of liability
    If the Participant considers that the delivered products do not comply with what was agreed the matter should contestant ThalaTrading BV within 14 days after the date of receipt in writing to inform the defectiveness of the delivered products. Should the delivered goods unexpectedly not comply with what was agreed, then ThalaTrading, his choice, the products delivered – after receipt in original condition – replaced by equivalent new products either pay fair compensation not exceeding the invoice value of the delivered goods. ThalaTrading is not liable for any obligation other than those described in the previous sentence. ThalaTrading is not liable for loss of profits or any other direct or indirect damage caused by participant suffered as a result of delayed, incorrect or improper delivery or defects or the delivered products or Tweaks, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the ThalaTrading. In any case, the liability of ThalaTrading against the Participant, for whatever reason, always limited to a maximum of the invoice value of the delivered products. Participant indemnifies ThalaTrading from all claims by third parties relating to by ThalaTrading competitor products delivered or Tweak programs, which may have suffered damage to third parties, regardless of cause or time of onset.
  10. Dispute
    For disputes, please refer to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).
  11. Governing Law
    All contracts concluded under these conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.